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Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyer

Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyer

Dedicated Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyer Pursues Full Financial Recovery for Victims of Crashes in Osceola County and Throughout Florida

Have you been involved in a car accident that was caused by a negligent driver or by someone else’s fault? If so, you have the right to pursue a claim for compensation for the expenses and losses that you have incurred in the accident. But pursuing a car accident claim is not always a quick and easy process. To ensure that your case goes as smoothly and successfully as possible, turn to a Kissimmee car accident lawyer from our firm.

At Feingold & Posner, P.A., our legal team has a combined 30-plus years of legal experience. When you choose us to help you with your car accident claim, you can expect us to use our knowledge and skill to fight for maximum financial recovery and justice for you. Our firm has the resources necessary to represent you in your car accident claim from start to finish. 

Over Tens of Millions Recovered

Following a car accident in Kissimmee, get the legal help and advocacy that you need to maximize your financial recovery for your injuries and losses. Reach out to Feingold & Posner, P.A. for a free case evaluation to go over your legal options for holding those at fault for the accident and your injuries accountable with the help of a Kissimmee car accident lawyer from our firm. 

Common Causes of Kissimmee Car Accidents

Many car crashes in Kissimmee are the result of driver error or negligence, although some accidents are caused in whole or in part by other non-driver-related external factors. Examples of some of the more frequent causes of car crashes include:

  • Speeding, including driving too fast for weather/road/visibility conditions
  • Reckless driving, or driving in a manner that knowingly disregards the risk of an accident
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy and fatigued driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Disregarding traffic signals, including running red lights or stop signs
  • Changing lanes or turning without signaling or checking mirrors and blind spots
  • Attempting illegal turns
  • Not yielding the right of way
  • Driver inexperience
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance
  • Design or manufacturing defects of cars or auto parts
  • Poor road conditions, such as broken pavement or road debris, or unsafe road/intersection design
  • Adverse weather conditions

What Can You Recover Compensation for in a Kissimmee Car Accident Claim?

When you have suffered injuries and expenses from a car accident, you may wonder what kind of compensation you might be entitled to from the driver or other party or parties at fault for the accident. A financial award in a car accident claim can provide you money for:

  • Repairs for your car, or reimbursement of its value if your car was totaled
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Expenses to help care for permanent disabilities you may have suffered
  • Ongoing and future losses of income and employment benefits when you cannot return to your job or any other employment because of your injuries or disabilities
  • Pain, suffering, and loss of quality of life, if you have suffered permanent, severe disabilities or disfigurement
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Let a Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyer from Feingold & Posner, P.A. Advocate on Your Behalf to Secure Financial Recovery in Your Case

After you have been hurt in a car crash, you should not have to go through the process of recovery on your own. An experienced attorney can help guide you in your claim for compensation from the insurance company or an at-fault driver. Turn to a Kissimmee car accident lawyer at Feingold & Posner, P.A. who can help you get the financial recovery and justice you deserve in your case by:

  • Investigating the accident to determine what happened and to identify the party or parties responsible for the crash and your injuries
  • Identifying applicable insurance coverages and other available sources of compensation
  • Going over your legal rights and the steps in the claims process with you so that you know what to expect
  • Documenting your injuries and losses so that we can establish what compensation you should be entitled to
  • Filing your claims with insurers and liable parties to begin seeking a settlement that pays you a fair financial recovery
  • Pursuing every available avenue in your case to fight for the best possible outcome

Get Free Advice From An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer. All You Have To Do Is Fill Out Our Free Case Evaluation Form Or Call


Don’t wait to start a car accident claim to get the financial recovery you need to treat your injuries and pay for the expenses and losses you sustained because of the crash. Contact Feingold & Posner, P.A. today for a free, no-obligation case review to learn how a Kissimmee car accident lawyer can guide you through the difficulties and obstacles of getting the compensation you deserve from the insurance company and the driver or other parties who are liable for the accident and your injuries. 

About Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee is a city located in Osceola County, and is the largest city and county seat. Kissimmee was originally named Allendale for J.H. Allen, who operated the first steamboat service along the Kissimmee River. However, the community was renamed Kissimmee when it was formally incorporated in 1883. After winter freezes in the 1890s caused citrus farmers to move their operations further south in Florida, Kissimmee’s agricultural industry converted to cattle ranching. The city’s economy was primarily focused on agriculture until the 1970s with the opening of nearby Walt Disney World, with numerous hotels, restaurants, and resorts springing up to cater to theme park visitors to the Orlando area. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accidents in Kissimmee

FAQ: When do I need to file a lawsuit after being injured in a car accident?

After you have been injured in a car accident in Kissimmee, Florida’s statute of limitations on car accident lawsuits typically requires you to file your suit within four years of the date of the accident. If you file your lawsuit after this time period has elapsed, you risk allowing your case to be permanently dismissed as untimely and losing the right to hold those parties who are liable for your injuries and losses accountable to compensate you.

FAQ: Can I still file a claim if I was partly at fault for the car accident?

Yes. Florida law does not bar a driver who has been injured in a car accident from filing a lawsuit even if they were partly or mostly at fault for the accident. But Florida’s comparative fault rule also means that any financial recovery you might be entitled to can be reduced in proportion to your share of fault for the car accident. As an example, if you might have recovered $100,000 in compensation for a car accident that you were 60 percent at fault for, your award can be reduced by $60,000 to reflect your share of responsibility, although you can still recover the remaining $40,000 of your losses.

FAQ: What happens if the at-fault driver didn’t have insurance?

Just because the driver who caused the car accident doesn’t have liability insurance does not mean you cannot recover compensation for your injuries and losses. In Florida, all drivers are required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for themselves and their passengers. If you were injured in a car accident, you can look to your or your driver’s insurance for PIP coverage, which pays for medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who was at fault for the accident. When your PIP coverage isn’t enough to fully compensate you for your injury expenses, you may also have the option of filing suit directly against the at-fault driver, or filing another claim with your insurance company if you have purchased optional uninsured motorist coverage. 

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