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  • Injured in a T-Bone Accident? Here’s What to Do Next

    June 04, 2024

    T-bone accidents, also known as side-impact collisions, can be devastating, leading to severe injuries and significant damage. If you’ve been involved in a T-bone accident in Florida, it’s crucial to take the right steps to protect your health, rights, and potential for compensation. At Feingold & Posner, P.A., we understand the turmoil and confusion that […]

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  • A Single Vehicle Car Accident Does Not Mean You Are at Fault

    June 04, 2024

    When many people think of car accidents they think of multi-vehicle accidents. Single vehicle accidents, however, are fairly common and have their own set of problems with regard to insurance claims. Many single-vehicle accidents are not the fault of the driver. There are many factors which can contribute to single vehicle accidents. While driver error, inexperience or […]

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  • Injured by a Drunk Driver: Am I Entitled to Punitive Damages?

    March 28, 2024

    Navigating the aftermath of a car accident is challenging, especially when the incident involves a drunk driver. The physical, emotional, and financial toll can be overwhelming, leaving victims and their families in a state of distress and uncertainty. This is where the legal team at Feingold & Posner, P.A. steps in, offering guidance, support, and […]

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  • Seeking Justice After a Crash: How to Access Florida Car Accident Reports

    February 06, 2024

    Experiencing a car accident is an overwhelmingly stressful event that can leave you grappling with not just physical injuries but also the confusion and chaos that follow. In these moments, it’s crucial to know that there are steps you can take to protect your rights and set the foundation for seeking justice and compensation. One […]

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  • How to Determine Fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Florida

    December 07, 2023

    Understanding the Complexity of Multi-Vehicle Accidents Florida is a state known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and a pleasant climate that attracts tourists and residents alike. However, it is also known for the heavy traffic that comes with such popularity. With an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, multi-vehicle accidents, or pile-ups, have […]

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  • The First 72 Hours: Critical Steps to Take After an Auto Accident in Florida

    November 09, 2023

    Auto accidents can be traumatic, stressful, and confusing. Amidst the chaos and emotional turmoil, it’s essential to remember the crucial steps you need to take right after the crash, especially in Florida. By acting prudently within the first 72 hours, you can protect yourself and your rights and ensure a smoother recovery process. This comprehensive […]

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  • Tire Failures and Car Accidents in Florida

    October 12, 2023

    Florida’s scenic drives, from coastal highways to inner-city roads, offer plenty of opportunities for motorists to enjoy their vehicles. Yet, as any seasoned driver knows, the integrity of a car rests not just on its engine or driver but heavily on its tires. Tire failures, although overlooked, can lead to severe accidents. At Feingold & […]

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  • How to Determine Who’s at Fault in a Florida Car Accident: A Comprehensive Guide

    September 21, 2023

    Accidents happen; that’s an unavoidable truth. However, the aftermath of a car accident often includes a complex web of questions surrounding liability. Who is at fault? How are damages determined? These questions can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. At Feingold & Posner, P.A., we specialize in helping you navigate the intricacies of Florida car […]

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  • Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities in a Florida Rental Car Accident

    August 10, 2023

    When it comes to rental car accidents in Florida, understanding your legal rights and responsibilities is essential to navigating potentially complex situations. Rental car accidents can be distressing, but being informed about the legal framework can help you take appropriate actions and protect your interests. This article will delve into the key aspects of your […]

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  • What Steps Should I Take After Being Injured By A Drunk Driver?

    July 13, 2023

    Experiencing a car accident is distressing enough, but when it involves drunk driving, the situation becomes even more challenging. In Florida, as in many other states, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. It’s crucial to act quickly and appropriately if you sustain injuries in […]

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