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What Steps Should I Take After Being Injured By A Drunk Driver?

July 13, 2023

What Steps Should I Take After Being Injured By A Drunk Driver?

Experiencing a car accident is distressing enough, but when it involves drunk driving, the situation becomes even more challenging. In Florida, as in many other states, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. It’s crucial to act quickly and appropriately if you sustain injuries in a collision with a drunk driver in order to safeguard your rights and guarantee just compensation for your losses. This article will guide you through the essential steps to take after being injured by a drunk driver in Florida.

1. Seek Medical Attention:

The first and most critical step after any accident, especially one involving a drunk driver, is to seek medical attention immediately. Your health and well-being are of paramount importance. Even if you believe your car accident injuries are minor, adrenaline and shock can mask the symptoms of more severe injuries. A thorough medical evaluation by a healthcare professional will ensure all injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. Additionally, obtaining medical records will be vital for any potential personal injury claim, as it helps establish a link between the accident and your injuries, which is crucial for legal claims or insurance proceedings.

2. Report the Accident:

Contact the local law enforcement authorities to report the accident and the involvement of a drunk driver. The police will arrive at the scene, conduct an investigation, document the scene, and create an official accident report. This report will be vital evidence for your case, as it documents important details about the incident, including the identities of the parties involved, the location, date, and time of the accident, and any witness statements. Obtain a copy of the accident report for your records and future reference.

3. Gather Information:

While at the scene of the accident, if you are physically able, gather as much information as possible. Exchange contact details with the drunk driver and any witnesses. Take photographs of the accident scene, the positions of the vehicles involved, property damage, skid marks, traffic signals, road conditions, and any visible injuries you or your passengers may have sustained. Additionally, note down the license plate numbers, insurance information, and driver’s license details of the drunk driver. Obtain contact information from witnesses, as their statements can corroborate your version of events later on.

4. Do Not Engage in Discussions Regarding Fault:

Avoid admitting fault or making any statements that may be misinterpreted and used against you during legal proceedings. Refrain from discussing the motor vehicle accident with anyone other than the police, your attorney, or your insurance company. Keep your interactions limited to providing factual information about the accident.

5. Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney:

Consult with a reputable and experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An attorney specializing in personal injury cases involving drunk driving accidents will guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and ensure you receive fair compensation. They will investigate the accident, gather evidence, communicate with insurance companies, and negotiate on your behalf.

6. Notify Your Insurance Company:

Contact your insurance company to report the accident promptly. Even if the drunk driver is primarily responsible, your insurance coverage may still play a role in certain aspects of the claim, such as medical expenses or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Be cautious when dealing with insurance companies, and avoid accepting any settlement offers without consulting your attorney.

7. Preserve Evidence:

Preserving evidence is crucial for strengthening your case. Keep copies of all medical records, bills, prescription costs, transportation to medical appointments, and any other relevant expenses related to the accident and your injuries. Maintain a record of lost wages if the injuries have caused you to miss work. Your attorney will use this evidence to determine the full extent of your damages and ensure you are appropriately compensated.

8. Pursue a Personal Injury Claim:

With the help of your attorney, file a personal injury claim against the drunk driver responsible for the accident. In Florida, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit, so it’s crucial not to delay taking legal action.

Key Takeaway:

Suffering injuries due to a drunk driver’s negligence can be a daunting experience, but taking the right steps immediately after the accident can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim. By prioritizing safety, gathering evidence, seeking legal representation, and documenting injuries and expenses, you increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. Remember, having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side throughout this process can be a crucial asset in pursuing justice and securing fair compensation for your losses.

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