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  • LEA Industries Recalls Children’s Beds for Fall Hazard

    May 10, 2021

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that they are recalling all children’s beds that were created by Lea Industries. The Lea Penal Loft and Bunk Beds all come with poorly manufactured mattress support side rails. In instances, the mattress side rails have broken, causing a fall hazard for children. The company creates a variety […]

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  • Suing for Misdiagnosis in Medical Malpractice Cases

    May 09, 2021

    If you have been misdiagnosed for a disease that you do not have, or if you have an illness that was not detected, you may be able to sue your doctor or hospital for negligence and medical malpractice. Physicians are expected to carefully look at a patient’s symptoms and arrive at the best possible conclusion as […]

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  • Bus Strikes, Kills Pedestrian at Fort Lauderdale Airport

    May 08, 2021

    The Fort Lauderdale Airport is a relatively busy area where there is plenty of opportunity for terrible injuries. Recently, a woman was waiting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport to receive a traveler when she was struck by a large bus. A report in the Sun-Sentinel says that the woman tripped in the roadway at the […]

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